Monday, June 11, 2012

March 26, 2012

Hey Family!

So, here is a box of stuff! Some of it is for individuals of the family. Possibly birthdays or just a surprise gift! But, to kind of give specifics:
  • The Barea shirt is for Katie
  • The purple boxes are for Ryan and Chelci
  • The sweater- there was only one & I know Mom kinda hates the Mavericks right now so maybe just give it to Dad, but I will let you fight over it :p Ha ha. I "Kidd". 
  • Other stuff is for storage purposes. I don't have a whole ton of room & I don't use it so, here it is!
Now, for the whole Show Low information stuff. I am up in the mountains, like I said & it is fantastic. The weather is lovely & the people are super weird. I kind of gave the two big stories that I have for right now. We live in a trailer with two bedrooms but we sleep in one & use the other one for stuff. I use it for the closet and drawer space & Elder Koons uses it to spray paint his bike! He put up a whole bunch of trash bags & created his own little painting booth & went to town! His bike is now white from all the primer he used. And we have cleaning checks tomorrow so he is tearing it all down right now. It's fantastic!

 Oh, & we get our own bathrooms which is kewl. My shower head sucks. It sprays the walls more than it does me so today I almost bought a real cheap one just to fix that issue. You'll also find it lovely & Daniel-like to know that when I moved up here I forgot my tooth brush & paste in Anwatukee! So, I went 4 days with FUNK! Then today I got a brush and some legit toothpaste. I was so excited to be able to brush my teeth again! There ya go... I'm still me & all sorts of disgusting.

But yeah, that's really all that is going on now. I miss you all! I hope to hear from each of you soon!

~ Elder Daniel Peterson

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